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6th March 2018
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Countryside Productivity Small Grant Scheme

Countryside Productivity Small Grant Scheme

50% Grants from £3,000 – £12,000 available for: 

Cattle equipment: handling system, crushes, electronic weigh system, auto ID shedding gate, foot trimming crushes, automated foot bath, heat detection, milk analysis, body condition scoring equipment, rotating cow brushes, milk pasteurisers, auto calf feeder

Sheep equipment: handling systems, electronic weigh scales, crate or clamp style handlers

Pig equipment: handling systems, electronic weighing facilities, piglet creeps and heat pads

General livestock equipment: EID handheld devices, EID stick & panel readers, auto EID drench gun, pasture plate meter, electric fencer energiser

Precision farming equipment: GPS, yield mapping, variable rate controller for prayers & fertiliser spreaders, GPS & flow systems, crop nitrogen detector

Resources management & efficiency equipment: trailing shoe slurry system, dribble bar, shallow injection systems, umbilical hose reeler, trailed compartmented reeler, heat recovery unit, variable speed drives on vacuum/milk pumps, plate head exchangers, hydraulic ram (water)

Other general equipment: seed drills, robotic silage pushers, electric scraper systems, humidity control for grain drying, grain stirrers, thermostatic stirrers, automatic grain temperature, digital weather station, wide area network equipment, fibre optic networking equipment

Closing date for applications – 14th March 2018

For more information or assistance preparing an application please contact the office on 01872 306090